Wednesday, January 30, 2013

JNNURM Report Card


Gujrat has really fared very well. Details of the projects under JNNURM considered in this report card will help understand the citizens what is being sanctioned and how much of it is completed.

Its only the Modi's state which has completed more than 50% of the sanctioned projects with lesser funds utilized.

Look at Maharashtra - which has utilized 92% funds and completed only 25% projects!

We need more such facts out in the media. Not just about Gujarat but all other states and a comparative study on how the state governments have faired!

Its appraisal time for the government!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Terrorist ??? Insane

Why  such an insane comment by the Home Minister ??

Shinde had accused the RSS and BJP of promoting terrorism at their training camps recently in Jaipur.
Sushilkumar Shinde ji, plz produce facts and then get them arrested!!!

This is high time #BJP makes things clear and not let anybody take them for granted. I think its time for #BJP to unite and answer back.

"If, as the home minister, you think that the RSS and BJP are churning out terrorists, then we have also attended such training camps. Are we also terrorists? Do you consider us terrorists? Then put us also in jail," Rajnath Singh told PTI.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jai Ho to Rural Development

On the auspicious occassion of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose's Birth Anniversary, NaMo and team had started the ‘E-Gram Vishwa Gram’ Project in 2009 that provided broadband connectivity to the villages of Gujarat. This project was started from the village Haripura, the same land from where Subhash Babu had won the presidency in 1938. 

Three Cheers to NaMo and team to focus on rural development.

Thats another reason for you to become the next PM Sir. The future lies in the villages – the rural area. Your focus is for the technological development of entire population and NOT just the RICH people. Three cheers to you Sir.

Jai Ho!

See for yourself how many villages have been covered by this project -

Dont know what Rahul and NaMo have in common!

Oooppssss... do you really think Rahul and Narendra Modi have anything in common???

I dont think so...

Naaa Naam na Kaam!!!

I think Congress has lot of well wishers in Media... Every other day I see a controversial post on BJP. Today also, in ET, there is editor's page on the same

I think its high time BJP works on its image if it wants to turn the game.
People see what they are shown... Atleast majority of people do!

"common sense is not common"

BJP needs to resolve issues and emerge as a strong party.

The best thing I like about Congress  is that their differences are not highlighted in the media...
Whereas, every other conflict of BJP is the top story of all the newspapers...

I agree "Haathi chale bazaar kutte bhoke hazaar"... but still, too much of bad things is not good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The end of Feb

I am waiting for the last week of Feb 2013 to see what PC has in his POTLI of tax reforms.

Everyday we are reading that this reform or that change is being considered...

One day they say that taxing more to people earning more than 12Lac per annum is the solution... but then it will lead to tax evasion, those people can relocate to countries which do not tax more or, it will lead to more BLACK money...

Better solution is to get those people to pay tax who are not paying.... Going by the numbers, around 40% people are not paying tax... (correct me if I am wrong). Instead of putting increased burden on 60% of people who are already paying, get those 40%. Thats when the suggestion that - get people to pay tax on income from agriculture! Fair Enough ?

When we are working so hard to save every penny, the govt is trying hard to pull it back to them.. I dont understand where the money is going...

Firstly we pay income tax .. then we pay service tax for whatever services we take.... then we pay VAT on whatever we buy.... and innumerable types of tax in day-to-day life...

Looks like we are paying more than 50% of our earnings to goverment in some or the other way...

And to add to that, they are also considering to tax on inherited wealth... Come on.... when our parents have already paid tax on it, why do we have to pay tax on it???

Learn how to self defend girls!

Looks like the Verma panel has got 80,000 suggestions to mend anti-rape laws..

Dont know how many years they will take to go through it, debate it and then do nothing about it.

Its high time we get some sensible government which lifts itself in light of such issues and drives the things.. and not give excuses like that committee is doing something...

We want somebody like NaMo sir to take charge!

Girls, its always best to take full control of our life and learn self defence... If not that, atleast get fit - exercize each day , become strong to fight back.. Today in such a sedantary lifestyle, we dont have energy to fight back.. We dont have energy to run for our lives! Practice running.. You dont know how things can benefit in life.. Just keep making DOTS in life... At end, you will be able to understand and make a complete picture out of it!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I like about NaMo

I like Narendra Modi (NaMo) and there is no one reason for it.

He is technosavvy .. and just not that. For you to be technosavvy, you have to be really interested, literate and smart.. Its not a cup of tea!

He thinks for development and does it every way... Congress just talks and talks!!! There are no deeds....

He is reachable... YES. tell me who else listens to you from the ruling government right now...
Thats a big deal. To be reachable to the normal people.

I liked the way he has built Gujarat!