Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Learn how to self defend girls!

Looks like the Verma panel has got 80,000 suggestions to mend anti-rape laws..

Dont know how many years they will take to go through it, debate it and then do nothing about it.

Its high time we get some sensible government which lifts itself in light of such issues and drives the things.. and not give excuses like that committee is doing something...

We want somebody like NaMo sir to take charge!

Girls, its always best to take full control of our life and learn self defence... If not that, atleast get fit - exercize each day , become strong to fight back.. Today in such a sedantary lifestyle, we dont have energy to fight back.. We dont have energy to run for our lives! Practice running.. You dont know how things can benefit in life.. Just keep making DOTS in life... At end, you will be able to understand and make a complete picture out of it!

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