Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dont know what Rahul and NaMo have in common!

Oooppssss... do you really think Rahul and Narendra Modi have anything in common???

I dont think so...

Naaa Naam na Kaam!!!

I think Congress has lot of well wishers in Media... Every other day I see a controversial post on BJP. Today also, in ET, there is editor's page on the same

I think its high time BJP works on its image if it wants to turn the game.
People see what they are shown... Atleast majority of people do!

"common sense is not common"

BJP needs to resolve issues and emerge as a strong party.

The best thing I like about Congress  is that their differences are not highlighted in the media...
Whereas, every other conflict of BJP is the top story of all the newspapers...

I agree "Haathi chale bazaar kutte bhoke hazaar"... but still, too much of bad things is not good.

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